Talk Time Friends

Chat With Your Elf That's Upon A Shelf Or Anywhere Else!

Do you have an elf up upon a shelf?
An elf that likes to scout about?
And each December they come to remember the joy and laughter you share?
So type without fear! Your elf is here with holiday cheer to give you hugs throughout the year!

IMPORTANT! Start your chat by entering your Elf's name (and nothing else!). Then your elf will come to chat with you. (Otherwise you might get a different elf!)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chatting With My Elf (FAQs):

How do I talk to my elf online?

It's easy!

  1. Go to this elf chat.
  2. Type your elf's name into the text box.
  3. Click the "send arrow".

That's it! Your elf will come to chat with you faster than reindeer fly!

Can I talk to my elf when it's on the shelf?

Can you chat with your Elf, while it's high on a shelf?
By the twinkling tree lights, on cold winter nights?
Just open this bot and give chatting a shot,
Type away with delight, and know back they'll write.
So with Christmas time near, type away without fear,
This elf-bot is here to spread holiday cheer!

Do I need any special hardware or apps to chat with my Elf?

No special equipment is required! Just a device with internet access. There's no need to download any apps - our safe, magical chat platform works directly from your browser.

Is it free to chat with my elf?

Yes, it's absolutely free! Sharing Christmas magic shouldn't come with a price. Chat, share stories, and create wonderful memories with your elf without any cost. It's priceless!

How long can I chat with my shelf elf?

So that everyone can have a chance to talk to their elf and so the elves can get their sleep, Santa has asked to limit elf chats to two hours at But you chatting with them is still one of their fav things to do.

I have more than one elf. Can I chat with them both?

Yes, you can! Go here to chat with one first. When you are done, say "bye" to end that chat. Then call the other elf to chat by typing their name and start talking with them! The elves love to chat with their friends.

What is the number 1 rule for my Shelf Elf?

The Number One Rule for your elf so it doesn't end up stuck on a shelf is: Don't touch your Scout Elf or they will lose their magic!

Can my elf share stories from the North Pole?

Do reindeer fly? Definitely! Your elf is brimming with tales from the North Pole, from reindeer games to behind-the-scenes details about Santa's workshop. Just ask!

Who is your Elf?

Your Elf is Santa's special Elf just for you! Your Elf is sent from the snowy North Pole in the weeks before Christmas to watch over your home, school or elsewhere during the Christmas season. They gather all your festive tales and tales of kindness Then they report back to Santa each night. Now, through the magic of the internet, you can talk with your elf any time you want! And you don't have to worry about touching your elf either!

Why Chat with Your Elf?

Get to know your elf by talking to them! Share your Christmas wishes, ask about life at the North Pole, or even get insider tips on staying on the Nice List. It's a heartwarming way to feel the Spirit of Christmas right from the comfort of your keyboard!

Some Enchanted Facts about your Shelf Elf:


"I was initially skeptical about a chatbot, but this Elf chatbot is something else! It's interactive, fun, and safe. My daughters' faces light up every time they get a new message from their elf on the shelf. Well done!"
- Alan, father and tech enthusiast
"In a world full of technology, it's heartwarming to see something that brings the charm of Christmas alive for the little ones. My grandkids eagerly chat with their elves and share the magical tales with me. It's becoming a sweet holiday tradition."
- Leanne, grandmother